PRODUCT REVIEW & Testing - March 06

Don't Let Slips & Falls Slow You Down This Winter!


This winter we really got hammered by a long series of snow storms. However, a sudden change in the temperature made conditions even worse by freezing up a thick layer of melting snow. Walking was ... and still is at times, a real hazard .... for those among us who do not have their YAKTRAX.

YAKTRAX comes in two models: the Walker and the Pro. Each model can be ordered in 4 sizes (XS,S,M,L).

The packaging is a simple clear vinyl box which can be reused to store the unit. The instructions are printed on the back side of the packaging card. Toll Free and website are clearly indicate.

Ergonomics & Design
The Yaktrax Walker was recently on display at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City in the exhibition Humble Masterpieces (2004). YAKTRAX is a very well executed and simple idea built on an elastomer (heavy-duty rubber string) surrounded by a high-strength abrasion resistant steel coil.

Weight for the Walker in size S is 4.5oz., while for the Pro in size M is 5.5 oz . Once on the shoe, you really do not feel the weight at all.

How did it work for us
We first received our test pairs from the YAKTRAX from Marla Hunt - YAKTRAX National Marketing Director. We opened the package and put them right to work. Installation is elementary: hook the front part to your shoe, and stretch to cover the sole (by firmly holding on to the rubber tab while pulling back). With simple "small stretching" adjustments you need to make sure that the unit is centered and you are ready to go.

The stretching require a bit of strength, but is nothing major, provided that you have ordered, the correct size. NOTE - For extra-wide or extra aggressive PAC-boots type winter shoes, like the one showed in the photo below, you may want to step up to an extra size, or check with YAKTRAX about the proper fitting.

YAKTRAX were tested by our staff and also by Rosalind McLain a firefighter with Reno Fire Department. McLain used YAKTRAX for several days at the end of which she quoted "Amazing! I was able to walk and run on solid ice and never miss a step. Makes it a joy to go out in icy weather". I must agree with this enthusiastic endorsement. Our staff found YAKTRAX easy to use and amazingly stable on solid ice.

I can see how these "traction devices" would be a great addition among those of us that make a winter use of the outdoors, but should also be very popular among city folks, whenever added winter traction for safety and stability is needed.

Final Comments
YAKTRAX shines for winter safety. If you own a Lodge and you want to make sure that your clients come back in one piece, hand out few pair of these impressive devices and you won't be sorry.

Toll Free at 1-866-YAKTRAX (925-8729
Fax: 360-479-0270

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YAKTRAX website

The brand new BurzOff is the world's first and only tool specifically designed to remove Cockleburs, Beggar's Lice and all common burs from your just seconds!

Burs DO NOT stick to BurzOff...they just fall to the ground!

Save Time ... Save Aggravation ... Brush 'em off with BurzOff.

10x5.25" with BurzOff unit shrink-wrapped on it. Clear HOW-TO-USE instructions (for different types of fabric and situations) are printed on the back side of the package.

1.5" x 6". and it weighs only a couple of ounces (2 oz.)

Functionalities & Features
BurzOff is made from environmentally friendly 90% recycled material. It is safe on all outdoor clothing from denim to fleece. It is also odor free. It shows 3 different levels of porosity on 3 sides: coarse (for canvas-type clothing), fine (for loose woven materials) and smooth side (for your hands).

How did it work for us
We tested BurzOff on burs after a walk in the woods. Numerous burs were attached to the lower parts of a pair of wool pants. With short "brush-like-strokes" it worked fast and efficiently.

Final Comments
The resiliency of some plants with their "seed spreading endeavour" is commendable in principle but it can be very annoying. BurzOff as a sort of pumice-like looks and feel to it. The list of qualities:
  • very light
  • no batteries
  • intuitive use
  • much more efficient of the one-by-one-picking approach
Lastly, the spreading of noxious weed is a true catastrophical problem in the west. BurzOff may not be the solution to the whole problem, but every little bit helps.

Question? Comments? e-mail or Call Toll Free 1-(877) 483-4547
BurzOff Website

NEW Pak-Lite "Super" Super Bright LEDs Flashlight

We tested the 'Original' Pak lite in July 2005, and we just received the newest "Super" Pak-Lite for an additional round of testing.

1 Pak-Lite flashlight in a clamshell package - 9V Alkaline battery included.

Ergonomics & Design
Just like the 'Original' one. Two LEDs, one switch, one 9V battery. Fits any hand, goes anywhere.

1" x 5/8" x 1/2 ". When fitted to a regular 9V battery it reaches the declared weight of 1.5 Oz. but the "flashlight itself" weighs only ... a fraction of one ounce (few grams).

Functionalities & Features
3 position switch HIGH - OFF - LOW. It is amazingly simple and disharmly ingenious.

How did it work for us
We tested the Pak-Lite Basic White LED Flashlight/ Glow Cap - The package says - Burn Time: 600 hours on LOW and 30 hours on HIGH!!! The HIGH setting is much brighter than the Orginal and

Final Comments
This little wonder continue to stick in our pockets and continue to surprise us. The list of qualities:
  • 2 x as bright as the "Original"
  • at LOW setting makes a bright light for more than 3 weeks ......
  • upgrade to 9V Lithium batteries and you will yet increase the burning time considerably
It is a definite 2 Thumbs up for this "Super" upgrade. I forgot to ask ... do they make a "glow-in-the-dark-cap" for this Super upgrade? It would make it perfect!

Pak-Lite Company, 512 Humbered Lane, Grants Pass, OR 97527, Phone 541-660 0349,
Have fun in our wonderful outdoors.

Maurizio (Maurice) Valerio, President and Founder
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