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Here at Northern Toboggan and Sled we pride ourselves on creating traditional handmade sleighs in the Algonkian and Athapaskin tradition. Just as the canoe is the craft best suited for northern waterways, the toboggan has been acknowledged for centuries as the premier mode of overland transportation in the northern wilderness.

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Supplier of Traditional Towing Toboggans and Freight Sleds for the Canadian North

Mushers, snowmobilers, ice fishermen, outdoor adventurers and winter sports enthusiasts all agree: a handmade sled from Northern Toboggan is a thing of beauty, perfectly blending form and function using methods that have evolved and been passed down for generations.

It is our goal to provide the highest quality, most durable and most practical sledding equipment available. Here at Northern Toboggan and Sled we offer a variety of sleigh types and accessories. You will find a level of craftsmanship, technical knowledge, and respect for tradition that is unmatched anywhere.


Downhill Toboggan
When we started building sleighs for towing, we had inquiries for coasting toboggans, and when we launched our website, we had even more. Due to the many requests we experimented with prototypes in 2001. In 2002, we had our very good sleighs for sale. This season we added downhill toboggans to our product line. Customer satisfaction has been very high. This coasting toboggan is of very high quality by design, construction and materials. It has to be to have our brand.
  • Weight: approximately 30 lbs.
  • Made from 4 boards, 10 feet long, 3/8” thick
  • 6 feet flat on the ground
  • Width: 16”
  • Overall length: 7-1/2 feet
  • All crosspieces are attached with 1/4” bolts and prong-T nuts
  • Linseed oil finish
  • Crosspieces are laminated
  • Red Oak construction provides beauty and durability
  • Oak sled bottom polishes with use and becomes very slick
  • Built to last
  • Primary use for downhill coasting. Will stand up for light towing
Downhill Toboggan

Ice Fishing

The freight sled is most often used behind snowmobiles by fishermen on northern lakes. Like the dog toboggan, the freight sled has been widely used and tested, and the design has evolved to provide the most functional sled possible.

Freight Sleds

Our freight sleds are ideal with snowmachines or ATV’s on the ice.

Freight Sleds:

  • Trapping Sled - width 18 inches, with a 13 inch wide plywood deck, 2-1/2 inch wide runners, 7 foot runner with 70 inch long deck
  • Traditional Sled - width 25 inches, with a 19-1/2 inch wide plywood deck
  • Sport Sled - width 30 inches, with a 24-1/2 inch wide plywood deck
  • Traditional and Sport widths available in these lengths:
    • 8 foot runner with 75 inch long deck
      (approximately 65 lbs.)
    • 10 foot runner, with 96 inch long deck (approximately 80 lbs.)
  • Custom lengths also available
  • Standard runners 4 inches wide
  • Milled steel bridges and brackets
  • Linseed oil finish on wood, black enamel on steel
  • Steel hitch and HMW poly sliders included
  • Traditional, time-tested design
  • Flexible to allow easy pulling and smooth ride
  • Excellent handling, even with heavy loads
    Red Oak and milled steel construction add beauty and remarkable durability
  • Readily accepts cargo boxes


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