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High quality manufacturer of top end muzzleloading firearms, home to the BUCKWACKA rifle, the TOMWACKA shotgun, the All New QUIC-SHOOTER MAGNUM rifle and a complete line of accessories including the BUCKTRACKA series scopes and DYNO-CORE MAGNUM™ Ultimate Muzzleloading Bullet
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MDM's in-line muzzleloading firearms are of the highest quality and are proven to be among the most accurate in the world. buckwacka standard features enhance our buckwacka model and position it as the leader among today's break-open-action muzzleloaders.


  • M2K Precision Machined Competition Barrels
  • User-Friendly Dual Safety Systems
  • Unbreakable Ramrods factory equipped with a Cleaning Jag and Bullet Puller
  • Solid Wood stocks fitted with Vented Recoil Pad and Sling Swivel Studs
  • All rifles shipped with MDM Hunter's Package, complete with T-wrench, ramrod extension, depriming tool, and Power Belt Bullets
  • Incinerating Ignition System
  • Standard Production Youth and Ladies models Ambidextrous Design for either Left-hand or Right-hand shooters
  • Stainless Steel or Blued Barreled Actions , drilled and tapped for Scope mounting systems
  • Williams Adjustable Sight Systems utilizing a front Fire Sight and rear Ghost Ring Aperture
  • Limited Lifetime Warrantee Buckwacka

ALL NEW Break-Open-Action ambidextrous muzzleloader. QuicShooter
Outfitted with MDM's proven 209 Incineration-Ignition-System (I-I-S) providing weatherproof protection, Transfer Bar Safety System, 26" X-Range barrel, TruGlo front sight enhanced by our ghost ring rear peep and fitted in a Monte Carlo butt stock with English style grip. Guns shipped complete with the MDM Hunter Package which includes black anodized solid aluminum ramrod, ramrod extension, QD sling studs, cleaning jag, breech plug wrench, and an owner's/safety manual.

TomwackaThe Ultimate Muzzleloading Turkey Shotgun. Designed with all the quality features offered in our popular Buckwacka, the TOMWACKA features a Screw-in Choke System, ivory bead on front, drilled and tapped for a scope mount system and is specifically designed to accept the Pyrodex Pellets of loose powders.

Trigger/Safety System
All MDM firearms are meticulously designed with the utmost care for the user's well-being, and have a user-friendly positive mechanical safety to prevent accidental discharge. A multi-safety system has been designed into the BUCKWACKA family of firearms.
"HUNTER SUPER-ROD", is 100% American-made from space age synthetics, offers a lifetime guarantee against breakage, and includes a concave loading end, cleaning jag, and threaded concealed patch and ball puller, which unscrews and allows for the use of other 8x32 threaded accessories.
All our Buckwacka rifles come equipped with the very best complete sight systems by WILLIAMS. The rear sight is a fully adjustable ramp system that we ship with a ghost ring aperture. Our front sight is a ramp system fitted with the popular "WILLIAMS FIRE SIGHT". Both front and rear sight systems offer interchangeability.


Leading the way in the New Millennium, MDM offers the "Incinerating Ignition System" as standard equipment on all its firearms. This revolutionary design incorporates a 209 shotgun primer directly into the breech plug, literally smoking the competition! No discs or special nipples required.

MDM has produced a truly user friendly magnum ignition system that we have all been waiting for! The Buckwacka firearm was specifically designed to operate using this sure-fire magnum ignition system. The "Incinerating Ignition System" utilizes a 209 shotgun primer, providing magnum ignition.


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New Patent Pending DYNO-CORE MAGNUM™ Ultimate Muzzleloading Bullet

The New Revolution in Bullet Technology

The Ultimate Muzzleloading Bullet
These superior muzzleloading bullets are on the cutting edge of the latest technology in design and performance and proves to be the most versatile leader for all game hunting.

The New Revolution in Bullet Technology

Dyno-Core, The Ultimate Muzzleloading Bullet
Dyno-Core Bullet Expansion