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Our goal at Loon Lake Decoy Company is to provide you with the finest hand-crafted, hand-painted limited edition waterfowl decoy and upland bird wildlife sculptures available today along with the best customer service possible.

We UNCONDITIONALLY stand behind every item we sell. If you are ever unhappy with any Loon Lake product for any reason we will make it right with you without delay. A simple call on our eight hundred number is all it takes.

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All Loon Lake Decoy Company Sculptures are proudly hand-crafted and hand-painted to capture every detail of the original carving.

NEW! Crow Spring Collection:
Giant Canada Goose

After finishing the raw sculpture, our staff of talented artists hand paints each one using heavy-body acrylic paints. These paints are fade resistant, insuring your Loon Lake sculpture will become a treasured family heirloom. Next, the glass taxidermy eyes are added to many of the sculptures, then the ultra suede base and the Certificate of Authenticity.

The Certificate of Authenticity adds to each decoys collectability. The certificate features the embossed signature of Master Carver Sam Nottleman, the sculpture name, and the limited edition number.


Crow Spring Collection:


Life-size, 14” Long by 7 ½” Wide by 7 ½” Tall

Or new Gadwall features a raised leg on one side and a dropped wing on the other. Like getting two sculptures for the price of one, display either the side with the beautiful patch or the action position side with the raised leg. Both positions show off nature’s beautiful details of a drake Gadwall.

Gadwall have one of the widest ranges of any duck specie commonly breeding throughout the North Temperate Zone. They can be found in abundance in winter on southern freshwater marshes and occasionally on saltwater marshes. The male Gadwall is a handsome duck with soft shades of grays and tans. Gadwall are “Puddle” or “Dabbling” ducks. They feed by tipping forward so their tail sticks up as they reach for plant vegetation on the bottom of shallow marshes and rivers. A Gadwall’s diet consists almost totally of vegetation with some invertebrates being eaten for extra protein during breeding season.

The perfect gift for any waterfowl enthusiast, order today to add this eye-catching sculpture as a special gift or to add it your personal collection.

Each sculpture requires hours of hand work by the combined skills of the carver, craftsmen and artists before it is complete.

American Widgeon, Standing Drake
Limited Edition, Hand Painted, Life-size

European Widgeon

We are proud of this attention to detail and hope you will enjoy your new Loon Lake sculpture as much as we have enjoyed creating it for you.

Crow Spring Collection:
White-fronted Goose, Preening
Limited Edition, Hand Painted, Life-size
19" Long by 10 1/2" Tall by 9" Wide

Often called "Specks or Speckled Bellies" White-fronted Geese are known for the beautiful barred chest markings and coloration that give them their nickname.

The soft colors and graceful pose of our White-fronted Goose sculptures is sure to be a prized addition to anyone’s collection.

NEW RELEASE! "High Noon" Old West Chess Set

A tradition of craftsmenship each decoy is created

Crow Spring Collection:
Blue Goose
Limited Edition, Hand Painted, Life-size

All Loon Lake Decoy Company Waterfowl Decoys, Upland Bird Sculptures and Framing Cameos start as an original solid Tupelo Gum or Basswood wood carving by Master Carver Sam Nottleman. From each original, a mold is made which the hand-cast reproductions are then pulled.

American Widgeon
Almost Sold Out!
Limited Edition, Hand Painted, Life-size

A variety of casting mediums along with a resin binder are used to individually hand cast each sculpture. After casting and curing, each sculpture is subject many more hand operations to remove any seam lines or casttoing blemishes. This work insures each sculpture captures every detail of Sam's original.

Crow Spring Collection:
Snow Goose

Limited Edition, Hand Painted, Life-size


Nesting Wood Duck Pair Lamp

A quiet morning on a secluded backwater one of spring’s oldest rituals plays out as the beautiful drake Wood Duck proudly shows his mate the new home where they will raise this years brood. This stunning Nesting Wood Duck Pair Lamp is the perfect way to light both your home and sense of nature. Bring nature indoors today by lighting your home, cabin or den with our stunning new lamp.

18” diameter shade
10” diameter base
31” Tall

Limited Edition, Hand Painted


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