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Kwik Klamp™ Locking System


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Welcome to the innovative Kwik Klamp™ locking system!

Conceptualized, engineered, and manufactured with durability, consistency, and performance in mind.

Kwik Klamp™!
The name says it all. The patented helix/ramp/handle construction gives you the security of a lockable tie-down system without wasting your valuable time with that pesky screw-in trailer mount. Simply screw the female coupler into your existing tie-down hole ONCE, install the T-bolt through your tie-down bar and Kwik Klamp™ unit, adjust for proper tension, give 1/4 turn, insert your lock and GO! No more looking for a snow-covered hole in -20 below zero or re-adjusting your sled because of room constraints by the belly pan. This IS the tie-down for the new Millennium!

No modification to your existing trailer!!! Does your trailer have a slot type tie-down? No problem, just tell our customer service people the brand of trailer you have when ordering and we'll make sure you have all the necessary hardware needed to get you on the road.

Sick of losing your tie-down screw? Once Kwik Klamp™ is removed, all the parts stay connected to your bar. This really is the answer to those bad days of knuckle-busting! Three seconds and DONE!

Truly universal? If you look up universal in the dictionary, Kwik Klamp™ should be in the definition! Low profile or high profile skis, old or new sled, once you try it you'll be hooked on it's ease of operation.

We put in the engineering dollars to make sure this is the last tie-down you'll ever need. Sleds may come and go through your snowmobiling career but the Kwik Klamp™ will stay with you for life.

The competition? No holes to drill for mounting, fully adjustable, lockable, weatherproof, Lifetime Limited Warranty, and when you tie down Kwik Klamp™ you're sure! There is no competition when you look at all the pros of this snowmobilers' dream.



  • High strength 66 nylon helix design
  • Hardened zinc-plated handle
  • T-bolt, and coupler for years of worry-free use.



The Kwik Klamp™ was developed and is manufactured by DepotStar.



Kwik Klamp
Locking System



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Warranty: Lifetime limited warranty on all Kwik Klamps™. If this DepotStar product is proved defective, the exclusive remedy, at DepotStar's option, shall be to repair or replace the defective component. What do you have to lose but a bit of time? Get a Kwik Klamp™ NOW!