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This is the smooth-cutting-get-to-fishing-faster ice drill all anglers are looking for. The combination of the new Stealth™ cutting technology and the serrated Ripper™ blade make this Jiffy drill smoother and faster than ever. The Stealth™ serrated power point gives positve starting and smooth easy cutting and the Ripper™ blade adds to the already fast and smooth cutting making this drill ideal for initial drilling and redrilling of ice holes. To top it off, the Black D-Ice'r ARMOR™ prevents power-robbing ice build-up for fast, clean cutting performance from start to finish.
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Jiffy 3 H.P. Stealth™ series Power Ice Drills with New Stealth™ cutting technology
Power Ice Drills
The 3 H.P. Jiffy Stealth™ Series is, without compromise, the ultimate in power and speed. This model features Jiffy Yellow engine shroud, yellow Cushion Contour Handles, Jiffy 12:1 gearbox, 8", 9" and 10" drill assemblies with new Stealth™ Cutting Technology features:
  • Stealth™ serrated power point - gives positive starts and smooth easy cutting.
  • Black D-Ice'r ARMOR™ - prevents power-robbing ice build-up for fast clean cutting performance.
  • Five cutting surfaces - makes this the fastest and smoothest Jiffy drill ever built.
  • Serrated Ripper™ Blade - provides the best in super fast and smooth cutting.
  • Ideal for initial drilling and redrilling of ice holes

Jiffy Power Ice Drills share these quality features:

  • Designed and manufactured in the USA, by Feldmann Engineering
  • Complete One Year warranty by Jiffy and Tecumseh
  • Dependable Tecumseh engine
  • Run-stop toggle switch ignition control
  • Wide stance contour handles
  • Key Keeper for the hex key (wrench)
  • Thumb-operated positive action steel throttle rod
  • Automatic clutch
  • Jiffy high-speed gearbox
  • Bolted collar powerhead/drill connection
  • Jiffy FirePower Drill Assembly for the fastest, smoothest cutting
    performance possible

Jiffy WHITE LIGHTning™ Power Ice Drills with FirePower™ and FirePower™ D-Ice'r ARMOR™ Drill Assemblies.

WHITE LIGHTning™ is a powerful, lightweight ice drill with the dependable performance Jiffy owners expect, and it is a great value! Its 2 H.P. 49cc Tecumseh™ engine provides a 375 PRM drilling speed for all the Jiffy 70 Series FirePower™ drills. Available with the FirePower™ Drill Assembly.




Stealth™ LECTRIC™

Stealth™ LECTRIC™

The new Jiffy Stealth™ LECTRIC™, Model 45-ST, cuts through the ice with the speed you've come to expect from Stealth.

  • Connects to any 12-volt wet cell battery, with deep cycle batteries offering the best performance.
  • Jiffy Yellow Cushion IceHouse™
    Handles allow easy positioning in ice shelters
  • Stealth™ LECTRIC™ 12:1 high speed gearbox is equipped with RLF™ Gear-
    Box design; which reduces friction in extreme cold weather (-65 degrees F) powers your choice of 6" or 8" D-Ice'r
    ARMOR™ drill assembly fitted with new Stealth™ cutting technology
  • Comes standard with 8' extension cable with battery clamps

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Hand Ice Drills
The easy-to-use smooth cutting Jiffy JET is less tiring to use than other high-performance hand ice drills, by design!
  • The Jiffy JET has four different height positions spanning 7.5" allowing it to fit the user!
  • The JET's height adjustment, combined with the natural position of the flanged handgrips, results in efficient muscle use and less strain than other designs.
  • Razor-sharp Jiffy Jet Turbine Blades are manufactured to provided easy, fast, and efficient ice drilling.
  • A Jiffy JET allows you to drill more holes with less effort.