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Hunter's Specialties

Hunter's Specialties is the world's largest manufacturer of hunting accessories. H.S. Strut turkey calls, Primetime scents and lures, deer, elk, waterfowl and predator calls, and our camo and bowhunting accessories provide everything the hunter needs to be successful.

Company History -
Hunter's Specialties is the world's largest manufacturer of hunting accessories and has been producing quality products since 1977.

Hunter's Specialties manufactures over 700 products. Owners David and Carman Forbes, who live by the company motto "For Sportsmen, By Sportsmen," started H.S. with just one product--No-Mar Camo Gun & Bow Tape.

Carman created the highly successful Camo-Compac® concept in 1984, which put multi-color camouflage make-up in a pocketsize compact design with a built-in mirror. It became a "must have" for hunters, action television series and movie producers, as well as all branches of the military, and a custom designed compact was used in Operation Desert Storm. The product became part of the H.S. Camo line, the first of Hunter's Specialties' nine product lines.

Hunter's Specialties entered the rapidly growing wild turkey call business in 1985. In 1988 H.S. created a superior diaphragm frame assembly named Premium Flex. Mouth calls built with this patented type of frame were much more comfortable to use and retained their shape and perfect calling pitch. Today the H.S. turkey call line is well known as H.S. Strut® and Hunter's Specialties is the world's largest manufacturer of wild turkey calls.

Hunter's Specialties is constantly developing new products in other areas of the hunting industry, including scents and scent elimination. In 1986 a team of H.S. researchers and the company's wildlife biologist and advisor developed a revolutionary dry and solid product called the Scent Wafer. The company was awarded a patent for this unique concept and now produces scent wafers in a variety of scents. H.S. Scents, with its Primetime lures, became Hunter's Specialties' third major product line.

As Hunter's Specialties continues to grow it seeks to meet the needs of hunters with innovative, high-quality and affordable products.

Hunter Specialties Accessories

Safety Vests, Tree Belt, Rack Tracker
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Archery Accessories
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