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Through extensive research it was discovered that up to 80% of human odors escape the body from the chin up, with the majority coming from your breath.

Gum-O-Flage was designed exclusively to address the issue of human scent prevention. Gum-O-Flage is a chewing gum designed to eliminate bad breath, reduce body odors and mask your breath. Patent pending ingredients include anti-microbials, real pine oil and the all-important Chlorophyll. Studies show that the use of Chlorophyll is extremely effective as an odor reducing agent, and it is perfectly safe.

• Real Pine Oils
• Chlorophyll
• Anti-Microbial Agents
• Other Natural Odor-Fighting Ingredients
• Sugar Free
• 12 Pieces Per Pack

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Antigo, WI 54409

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Why worry about wind direction? Chew GUM-O-FLAGE and they'll never know you're there.
  • Masks breath with real pine
  • Includes odor-eliminating chlorophyll
  • Kills germs in mouth (anit-microbial)
  • Eliminates body odor safely and quickly.
  • Long-lasting flavor
  • Sugar-free

By using GUM-O-FLAGE and its natural ingredients, breath and body odor do not have to be a permanent problem. With our product our body will naturally be odor-free when we restore the natural balance of bacteria by destroying the excess unwanted, odor causing bacteria on the skin and in our system. The natural bacterial balance is an odor-free balance.

Chewing a piece of GUMOFLAGE “immediately” eliminates breath odors caused by food, cigarettes or other similar sources. GUMOFLAGE has been extensively field tested over the last two years by some of the finest whitetail hunters in the country.


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Chlor-O-Flage is a specifically formulated gel-cap designed to internally reduce/eliminate a hunter’s body odor. It uses 100mg of liquid chlorophyll in a 1 a day gel-tab. Take 3-5 days prior to hunting and 1 a day during the season.

• Contains 100mg of Liquid Chlorophyll
• Contains Natural Ingredients to Destroy Body Odor Safely and Effectively
• Scientifically Proven to Eliminate Odors
• 20 Gel Tabs (Pills) Per Pack