FOXPRO Game Call Systems

FOXPRO Game Call Systems

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FOXPRO Game Call Systems...
Small, Lightweight, and Reliable.

FOXPRO callers offer "state of the art" technology in a pint size package. So small they fit easily into a hunting vest or coat pocket, and at only 24 ounces, won't weigh you down. But don't be fooled by its appearance...the FOXPRO callers pack more power and performance than other callers that weigh more than 5 times as much!

FOXPRO callers are completely self contained. No sound cards, cassettes, speakers, or wires to fuss with.

FOXPRO callers are programmable! For a very modest fee the sounds in your caller can be changed at any time by returning it to FOXPRO for reprogramming. See the list of sounds available by clicking on the Sounds link on the left. The optional full function remote control can also be added to your caller. You can get more information about this by visiting the products page or contacting us by email.

Buy with confidence...FOXPRO callers are now covered by a five year parts and labor warranty.

Model FP 38

You talked...We listened...
We are excited to announce the addition of the model FP38 to our product line that contains all of the features you asked for.
• Ability to record your own sounds
• External speaker jack
• 60 second timer switch
• 8 digital sounds


FOXPRO callers are now available in Mossy Oak Break-Up camo!

An eight or sixteen position switch is located on the rear panel of your caller, depending on the model. This switch changes the sound. A list of sounds programmed into your unit is printed on one of the side labels. The number of the sounds corresponds to the switch position number listed on the rear panel label. You can easily and instantly select the sound of your choice. You can at any time upgrade or reprogram the list of sounds in your unit. For more information about this service contact FOXPRO Systems.