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The Duck Naked Duck Picker was developed to reduce the many hours of labor required to hand pick ducks. With the Duck Naked™ duck picker, you can turn a time consuming job into a quick chore. Requiring only a few minutes to completely pick each duck; cramped hands and missed football games will be a thing of the past.

"You can pick your friends and you can pick your ducks, but your friends can pick their own ducks."

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Duck Naked Design & Use

Design & Use:

Picking Birds

Make sure all loose clothing, long hair, duck call lanyards, or anything that might become entangled in the spinning fingers are removed or contained before starting this machine.

Wild Ducks

The Duck Naked Duck Picker is designed to pick wild ducks. Before removing the head, wings, or feet, hold the bird so that the spinning fingers rub the feathers against their grain. As a bare spot develops on the birds breast, keep the spinning fingers in light contact with the skin at the edge of the bare spot, moving the bird in a circular fashion until the bird is fully picked. The wings and legs should be stretched back to expose the feathers that are hidden. With practice, a mallard can be picked in 3-4 minutes and a small duck in even less time.

Wild Geese, Pheasants, Domestic Ducks and Chickens

Many birds must be scalded to quickly and efficiently remove their feathers. Wild geese can be dry picked, but scalding is much faster. Keep children at a distance and always wear protective gloves and clothing when scalding birds. To scald birds, heat 3-5 gallons of water to 160-170 degrees F. Do not exceed 170 degrees F or you will soften the skin, causing it to tear during picking. (Exception: Large Canada Geese-Heat water to boiling and hand pick hard outer feathers before scalding). Holding the bird by its feet, submerge it in the water for 15-30 sec., ruffling the feathers with a long spoon to allow the water to reach the bird's skin. This loosened the feathers. Quickly, pick the bird as described above. Scalded birds must be picked hot. Do not scald more than one bird before beginning to pick! Repeat scalding procedure if the bird cools or if feathers do not pick easily.

Duck Naked T-shirts

Duck Naked T-Shirts

T-Shirts are available with the Duck Naked logo. All shirts are Hanes Beefy T's available in white or ash color and imprinted as follows:

No. 1 "It's Not The Size of Your Picker . . It's How You Pluck With It."

No. 2 "Take Me Home and Pluck Me."

S-XL : $10.00 + shipping
XXL-XXXL : $12.00 + shipping


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