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Cyclops Solutions, LLC provides high quality lighting products that are distributed and sold worldwide. All our lighting products are developed with the consumer in mind. Each product is rigorously tested in real life situations before it is approved and produced.

Featured Product: Blowout Special!

Thor X
10 Million Candle Power Rechargeable Spot Light

  • Featuring a 100W Phillips H4 Halogen Bulb
  • Dual recharge: home quick charger and 12V DC car charger included
  • Two power levels
  • Adjustable swivel stands
  • Durable rubberized construction
  • Removable carry strap
This product has been factory recertified and has a 60 day manufacture warranty.

What does LED stand for?
LED stands for Light Emitting Diode, a durable, efficient light source.

What is the battery life for my Cyclops light?
That varies with the light:
CYC-310a - 60 hours battery life with LED bulbs, 2 hours battery life with krypton bulb
CYC-500 - 20 hours of battery life
CYC903HP - 20 hours battery life with LED bulbs, 2 hours battery life with krypton bulb
CYC906HP - 15 hours battery life
DBL100C - 12 hours of battery life
DBL150AC - 12 hours of battery life

Is my Cyclops headlamp waterproof?
No, the Cyclops headlamps are weather-resistant, but not waterproof.

Where can I get replacement bulbs?
Krypton or Halogen bulbs can be purchased from us via our website or our customer service department at 888-304-6125.

CYC-ULH1 - $14.99

ü Ultra lightweight LED headlamp
ü Weighs 1 oz.
ü Magnifer lens projects light up to 15 ft
ü Weatherproof
ü Powered by two CR2016 lithium batteries (included)


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1 Million Candle Power Rechargeable Spotlight
Waterproof Headlamp
Thor X 10 Million Candle Power Rechargeable Spotlight
Phoenix - 3 2 in 1 Krypton/3 LED Headlamp in Real Tree
1.25 Million Candle Power 12V Spotlight

Cyclops Solutions, LLC provides customer service with knowledgeable, well trained representatives.

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