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Carol Davis Thermal Underwear
We manufacture the finest, high-performance thermal long underwear for cold-weather hunting, fishing, winter sports, work and play.
Carol Davis Thermal Underwear
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Web Foots Body Sock Suit Style #3 is the company's biggest selling item.

It features a two-way front zipper which opens from the top and the bottom for easy elimination. It also has the convenient zippered rear-flap for further ease in going to the bathroom out in the cold. The zippered rear flap is also how the ladies can eliminate easily out in the wilds.

The suit has stirrup feet which keep the pant leg well-anchored and anchoring thumbholes on the wrist cuffs. Slip your thumbs into the holes when pulling on outer garments and nothing will bunch up. The thumbholes also work great when you need to keep your hands and wrists warm but when not needed, just slip your thumbs out and wear as regular cuffs.

  • Zippered rear flap
  • 2-way front zipper
  • Anchoring thumbholes with handwarmers
  • Stirrup feet
  • Ultra lightweight warmth
  • 4-way stretch
  • Wicks perspiration
  • Antimicrobial
  • Washable

All of the four styles of Web Foots Body Socks are exactly the same weight and fabric -- the incomparable Powerstretch Polartec Fleece. All four styles will all keep you equally warm, dry and odor free, they just have different features. Check out all four styles of body suits along with sizing guides for all products on the website, and the thermal socks, skull cap, neckwarmer and hooded mitten accessorie items, at or you can order a free product catalog and swatch of the fabric by calling 712-847-0300.

The products are machine washable in powdered detergent and cool water. They can be dried on the lowest setting of your dryer and "fluffed" for just a few minutes without shrinkage. All Carol Davis Sportswear products are made 100% in the USA.

Web Foots Body Socks Thermal Underwear

Carol Davis Sportswear manufacturers high-performance, thermal long underwear for all cold weather activities. Our high quality, very warm long underwear, thermal socks, neckwarmers and hooded mittens are great for all winter sports -- cold weather hunting, fishing, snowmobiling, scuba, the paddle sports, motorcycling, motorsports, equestrian activities, as well as for those who work or simply play in cold conditions.

Our thermal long underwear is constructed of Powerstretch Polartec, a super lightweight thermal fleece that stretches in all directions for full range of motion with no restriction of movement. It is sheer comfort to wear. It wicks perspiration away from the skin very quickly to keep the wearer dry, warm and comfortable. It breathes to help keep body temperature even and the fabric is also antimicrobial; body bacteria does not grow in it so there are no body odor problems when wearing our thermal body suits and socks.


Web Foots Body Socks Thermal Underwear

And we couldn't forget our little outdoor buddies! New Children's sizes of Web Foots Body Socks made from the same fabulous cold-weather fleece as our adult products.

  • 2-way front zipper opens from top and bottom
  • Zippered rear flaps - females can eliminate both ways using this feature as it provides plenty of room
  • Stirrup feet
  • Anchoring thumbholes with built-in handwarmers; when you don't need this feature, slip the thumbs out and wear as a normal cuff
  • Ultra lightweight warmth
  • 4-way stretch fabric - super comfortable and very lightweight
  • All machine washable and dryable


"WEB PAWS" Hooded Mittens

Hooded Mittens

Made out of the same lightweight but very warm four-way stretch fleece as the body suits are made from. The "Paws" or mittens have a "hood" over the fingers and the thumb which can be neatly folded back to expose the digits when the sportsman needs full dexterity-use. Absolutely perfect for the bowhunter! The "Web Paws" come in five sizes and are $24.95. They are machine washable.


Neck Warmers

Old-fashioned dickie-neckwarmers made out of Powerstretch Polartec double-sided fleece, are fabulously lightweight and warm. The neckwarmers come down low on the chest and the back for added thermal protection. The ample turtleneck is large enough to be pulled up over the bottom part of the face. "Web Necks" are $14.95,come is three sizes, and are washable.

Web Heads

Thermal skull caps, also from Powerstretch Polartec fleece, and keeps the head very warm and dry since the fabric wicks perspiration from the head and brow. Web Heads skull caps come in six sizes, cost $19.95 and are washable.


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