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1751 Pierce Dairy Road
Madison, GA 30650

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Power Buck Mix Deer Feed
High Quality Protein Deer Feed. High-protein nutrition for all antler and body development with a mixture of multiple grean products favored by deer.

Premium Deer Mineral

Minerals formulated with one of the highest Calcium(26%) / Phosphorus(13%) ratios available. This mineral combination enhances superior body growth and antler develpment.

Producing Power Bucks The Banks Farm Way

Everything you need to know about high protein food plots, supplemental feeding and growing big bucks in the Southeastern United States. Cutting-edge information on trophy management. Softbound 216 pages 80 photos.

Banks Farm is a free-roaming privately owned wildlife managed hunting club located in Morgan County, Madison, Georgia.

In the 1980's Banks Farm was a very average farm seeing only average deer. However Jeff Banks believed that the deer heard had a much greater potential. In the early 1990's Jeff Banks and a core group of family and club members began an intensive management program. At Banks Farm we began to use basic management principles such as harvesting does, and letting the young bucks go. We quickly began to see positive changes in the deer herd. Because of our passion to take deer management to the next level we began to plant high protein food plots along with supplemental feeding and the use of minerals. Between 1994 and 2000 we harvested many deer with exceptional growth. These deer grossed between 140 B&C up to 160 B&C (see Photo Gallery). However, we still believed that we could produce record book bucks in the Southeastern United States so we stayed very consistent with our management program. On opening day of gun season 2001 the years of hard work, sacrifice, and as we at Banks Farm say, "sweat equity" made our dreams and goals a reality. Jeff Banks harvested the number one typical whitetail in the state of Georgia for 2001-2002 season scoring 172 3/8 net B&C. This deer also ranks in the top ten all-time grossing typicals in the state of Georgia. As a result of the success at Banks Farm over the last ten years Jeff teamed with well-known wildlife writer Duncan Dobie, author of Georgia's Greatest whitetails to write Producing Power Bucks The Banks Farm Way. Producing Power Bucks has everything you need to know about how to produce trophy whitetails in the Southeastern United States. At Banks Farm we look forward to continued success and would like to share our knowledge and experiences with you.

Banks Farm "For The Love Of It"

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