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Our SAFARI 550 DGR (Dangerous Game Rifle) rifle is based on the double square bridge CZ-550 Magnum action with integral dovetail scope mounts, controlled-feed claw extractor, match grade Chrome Moly barrel using AHR contour, and glass bedded into our own AA Fancy English walnut stock. We blueprint the receiver, lap the bolt lugs and true the receiver face for perfect barrel to receiver alignment. We offer a custom single stage trigger as standard. This trigger lies to the rear of the trigger guard and is always in perfect shooting position. The safety is a wing type 3 position located on the bolt sleeve that blocks the firing pin. The bolt handle is straightened and is located in the forward area of the trigger guard eliminating any chance of a rap on the knuckles from recoil. Rear sight is a one fixed, one folding sight and front sight is a banded with fiber optic bead and hood. The 585 AHR and 600 Overkill come with ramp front sight. Black matte bluing is standard on all metal surfaces. Also standard is a banded front sling attachment 1-1/2" forward of the stock for-end on all rifles.

Our standard stock is made using AA Fancy Grade English walnut, with or without cheek piece, rear sling stud, African Blackwood fore-end tip and grip cap, 2 cross bolts and a 1" black Decelerator recoil pad. Our 4 panel checkering is a point pattern, 22-lines-per-inch on fore end and grip. Our stocks are all hand selected for their strength, integrity and beauty.

Standard Safari 550 Dangerous Game Rifle chambered in 416 Rigby

The Safari 550 DGR comes in the following calibers:
375 H&H
458 Lott 500 AHR
404 Jeffery
450 Rigby 585 AHR
416 Rem Mag
505 Gibbs 600 Overkill
416 Rigby
Many other calibers are available upon request.

550 DGR in 600 Overkill with upgraded checkering pattern

AHR’s SAFARI 550 PLAINS GAME rifle has many of the features of our DANGEROUS GAME rifle, but is built in a slimmer package more appropriate for hunting African Antelope and North American Big Game.

The Safari 550 PLAINS GAME RIFLE comes in the following calibers: 300 H&H, 375H&H, 404 Jeffery, 416 Rem., 416 Rigby, 458 Lott, 450 Rigby. Many other calibers are available upon request.

Big Game

We offer this rifle in several standard chamberings such as 270 Winchester, 30-06,
7 X 57 as well as 6 powerful and exciting Howell cartridges


Every AHR rifle is built with craftsmanship and modern manufacturing methods to produce a world-class firearm that is a joy to own and shoot. This simple philosophy is woven throughout each production phase of the AHR rifle, from the selection of premium walnut blanks to the precision metal working techniques employed by our craftsmen. The care exercised in crafting these AHR rifles will give our customers a lifetime of pride of ownership.

Both Safari rifles, our SAFARI 550 DGR (Dangerous Game Rifle) and PLAINS GAME 550 feature the CZ-550 Large Magnum actions. Our CLASSIC 550 rifle features the CZ-550 standard action. All of our rifles are available with a premium walnut or fiberglass / Kevlar stock.

All rifles feature the following:

m Double square bridge receiver with dovetail scope mounts.

m One-piece machined trigger guard.

m Hinged metal floor-plate assembly.

m Controlled-round feeding and extraction using improved Mauser claw system.

m Rugged, dependable, fully adjustable, single stage trigger mechanism. (Set-trigger available on select rifles.)

m Classic three-position wing type safety mounted on bolt shroud.

m Third safety lug, like the Mauser Model 98.

m Barrels produced from the highest quality chrome-moly or stainless steel.

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