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Action Target - Superior Shooting Range Equipment

With Action Target as your partner, you get the size and experience of a company trusted to build some of the largest and most sophisticated shooting range facilities in the world. The massive ranges at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, the FBI Academy, and the new Los Angeles Police Department Training Center are just a few examples of the high profile, high performance ranges Action Target has created. On the other hand, you will also benefit from the same unsurpassed quality and attention to detail if all you need is a few steel targets and a 10-lane tandem turning range customized for your lodge or resort. No job is too big. No job is too small.

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  • Revolutionary stand folds up to less than 3 feet long
  • You can mount target heads at 2 different heights
  • Choose from more than 12 head shapes & sizes
  • No tools required for assembly, use, or storage
  • Certified AR500 armor steel for maximum durability
  • Angled target face with no exposed bolts or clamps

$95 with a 6", 8", 10" or 12" circle target head
$140 with the 18" cowboy action shapes

"As I constantly stress to all my students, you have to practice often and practice correctly to become a better shooter. This new steel target is the perfect practice target for casual weekend shooters and serious competition shooters alike, and it is the best design I have ever seen.

I asked Action Target to build me a safe and durable portable steel target that would be compact and easy to transport to my various classes around the country. What they came up with just blew me away! The stand is extremely strong and stable, yet it still folds up to easily fit in the trunk of even the smallest car. The target heads are made of AR500 armored steel, and there aren't any bolts, brackets, or hooks on the target face to get shot and cause dangerous ricochet.

Shooting on steel targets is the most effective and most efficient way to practice, regardless of your experience or skill level. I use this new design from Action Target for my own practice sessions because it gives me a perfect training tool to prepare myself for matches throughout the year. I also use these targets in all my shooting schools because they are easy to transport, they are safe, and they last.

Whether you are an experienced competition veteran or a brand new shooter, I highly recommend this target for all your sport shooting activities."
Evil Roy

These targets will be used at End of Trail, Winter Range, and all 7 SASS Regional Championships

  • Certified AR500 armor steel for maximum safety and durability
  • Angled target faces with no exposed bolts, hooks, or clamps
  • SASS recommended shapes and sizes - 18" minimum
  • 2, 3 and and 4-foot stand heights
  • Static targets for pistols and rifles and knock-down targets for shotguns

Cowboy action shooting is the fastest growing shooting sport in the world, and with good reason. It's a blast! We are proud to support the "cowboy way" with safe, durable, and innovative cowboy steel targets that have 18 years of law enforcement and military shooting range experience built right in.

The patented design of our stationary targets allows the target heads to rest at a forward angle to direct bullet splatter into the ground, and the AR500 armor steel means no more pock marks or other hazardous deformations. There are no exposed bolts, brackets, clamps, or other hazards on the target faces which eliminates the secondary splatter that results when these obstacles are inevitably hit.

To eliminate scoring confusion and the "golden BB" issue, our shotgun targets fall down when you hit them A simple pull on the reset chain gets the targets back in position for the next shooter without having to go down range and lift the targets manually.

"I use only the best products in my shooting schools, which is why I use steel targets from Action Target. They use the best steel, they have the best designs, and they have 20 years of experience designing target systems and shooting ranges around the world. Quality steel targets are an important part of cowboy shooting, so buy the best from Action Target."

Evil Roy

PT Turn-Swing™

With the PT Turn-Swing™ you will enjoy the benefits of training on turning targets, even on the most remote and undeveloped ranges. Because the target is driven by 2 simple pull cables, no additional power of any kind is required.

In addition to the turning action, you can also use the PT Turn-Swing™ as a lateral swinging target - just pull on the second control cable instead. No adjustment or reconfiguration is required to switch between turning and swinging, and both actions are spring-loaded to return automatically to their original position.

For more challenging scenarios or to accommodate more shooters, up to 10 units can be linked together to function simultaneously from a single control point.

  • Both turning and lateral swinging actions
  • Simple pull cable controls
  • No power required
  • Link multiple units together


PT Plate Rack™

  • Reactive knock-down action
  • Smooth reset action
  • No-weld target plates
  • Variable target plate shapes

The deflector plate and target heads on the PT Plate Rack™ are made of the finest AR500 steel, and our innovative “no-welds” design means the target heads won’t break. After you knock the targets down, set them up again by pulling the cable attached to the reset lever.

With simple yet superior engineering, we have reduced the cost and complexity of the unit without sacrificing strength or performance. The result is a superior plate rack at a dramatically lower price.

PT Dueling Tree™
U.S. Patent Pending

  • Reactive back and forth dueling action
  • AR500 armor steel
  • No-weld target plates
  • Great stress inducer

Two shooters begin, each with three targets on their side of the tree. At the start command, they fire at the targets on their respective sides. When a target is hit, it swings over to the opposite side. Trouble is, the other guy is knocking them back over to your side at the same time. The first one with all the targets resting on his side loses.

Forget the white gloves and 20 paces because this duel is in your face. If you miss, you lose. If you don’t reload fast enough to keep up, you lose. No excuses. Six target paddles, built in gravity reset and a splatter reducing design combine to make this the best dueling tree ever made.

Action Target is with you every step of the way.

Our primary concern is not just selling range equipment, but making sure you get the right equipment for your training needs. The right equipment must be well engineered, it must be installed properly, and it must function dependably under the harshest conditions. Unlike any other company, Action Target works with you every step of the way as your partner. From the initial consultation and design to the final installation, our goal is for you to have the facilities you need to continue the critical work of firearms training.

PT Hold™

  • Stable platform
  • Simple assembly
  • Easy to pick up and move
  • Works with any target size

Paper and cardboard targets are great for teaching accuracy, threat recognition, and other marksmanship skills. The PT Hold™ combines a sturdy foot assembly with a simple clamp mechanism that holds 1x2 strips of wood to provide a portable and reliable way to mount your paper and cardboard targets anywhere you need to. You can also order special mounting rods to use our 3D Target with your PT Hold™ stands.

PT Rocker™

  • Back and forth motion
  • Multiple trigger options
  • AR500 armor steel
  • Multiple actions
The counter-weight system on the PT Rocker™ can be adjusted to produce several actions. The head plate can rock back and forth when hit, or it can function as a knock-down target and remain down until reset. It can also be configured as a pop-up target tripped by knocking down a PT Popper™ or other moving target. The reactive steel action and automatic reset capability of the PT Rocker™ makes it a great long distance rifle target as well.



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Static Steel Targets

Shooting on static steel targets is an efficient, cost-effective way to work on a wide variety of shooting skills. Any number of drills and exercises can be designed around the various steel targets used with the Line Of Fire, including shotgun drills. All Action Target steel targets, including those used with the Line Of Fire, are made of the finest AR500 heavy-duty steel for maximum safety and durability.