Benefits Of Bunk Beds For Kids

Having many kids, is a hard task for anyone, especially when it comes to sleeping time. To make your job easier and get your children in the bed as fast as possible, you should make them like their beds. Keep in mind that being a child is all about having fun and enjoying the smallest and simplest parts of life. So getting bunk beds for your kids can not only help you out, but also make your kids enjoy their nights more than ever.

The pine bunk beds for kids are very common, since they have a simple design and practical wooden shade that matches the rest of the existing furniture. Also, remember that using a bunk bed is convenient in saving space in the room. They are usually easy to set up, and comfortable to sleep in. If you have no time to check out the shops, you can easily browse on the internet and order one online.


Also, if you need to spice up the room even more, you can go for colored and funky childrens bunk beds, which make the sleeping experience even more special. There are various staircases to choose from, with different storage possibilities as well that can save even more space when needed for your couch and loveseat sets. As more sophisticated the bed is, as more the kids will appreciate and love bedtime. The wood and the shade of the beds can differ as well, starting from classic beds and till bunk beds for girls only, you can find a great variety of design to choose from. Some of them can easily be separated in two different twin beds, while others have built- in stairways that make them more comfortable.

Kids bunk beds are great when you need more space for having fun, and it is a convenient way to spice up the room and make your kids love their own bed. Also, there are many bunk beds at an affordable price, which makes it more convenient than buying two separate ones. Any bunk bed is safe enough, so you don’ t need to worry about that either. There are guard rails to avoid kids rolling off the bed, and most of them are high quality, long- lasting furniture. The durability and the ultimate reliance of the bunk beds, makes it a perfect choice for most families. Triple bunk beds are available as well, in many shapes, designs and styles to match any home where needed. Offer a fun bed design for your kids and make them enjoy every night they have to get to sleep.

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How to match your earrings with your dress

If you’re headed out for a night on the town and slipping on your favorite dress, chances are you’re deciding which earrings to wear as well. Before you pick, read this short post on how to match your earrings with your dress!

What’s your (dress) type?

Short dress

Slender gemstone teardrop earrings are perfect for summertime short dresses, as they give a slimming effect to the face and neck.

Long dress

wedding dress with jewelryLong dresses go well with elaborate earrings and more intricate accessorizing. Multi-tiered or faceted earrings are perfect with long, smocked dresses and empire-waist beach gowns, and colorful chandelier earrings are perfect with beautiful, colored long dresses.

Vintage dress

Summer is a great time to go vintage, and if you’re wearing a vintage dress from Nasty Gal or the like, picking fun novelty resin or plastic earrings can help put the final, light-hearted touch to your outfit. Designs such as large plastic hot pink, animals, or vintage toys are perfect choices.

Cocktail or Modern dress

Feeling a bit muted? If you’re wearing a dress with neutral hues including black, white, grey, or beige, try on some vibrantly colored earrings with a bit of asymmetry – such as red coral cluster earrings, glass earrings, or intense indigo beaded earrings.

What’s your personality?

When choosing what type of earrings to go with your dress, you should also consider your personality, or the look you want to achieve.

The Classic Look

Pearl or diamond stud earrings are always a beautiful bet

Going Glam

Chandelier earrings, large colored gemstone earrings, or diamond-halo jewelry always add some glamour.

The Playful Look

Chunky earrings, colorful plastic or resin material, or unique, non-traditional objects are always good playful choices.

What if it’s my wedding?

If you’re looking for earrings to match to your wedding dress, then there’s a slightly different set of guidelines.

Golden Rule: Don’t Overdo Your Jewelry

Why? Because you are the star of your wedding day, not the earrings you choose.

White gown

Stick to pearl or platinum earrings, as gold draws too much attention away from the dress.

Diamond white gown

Diamond white is barely off-color white, so this works well with gold or silver earrings, or any slightly modified version of each (e.g., rose gold or pearl)

Ivory gown

This beautiful candlelight shade sometimes has soft yellow undertones, and so gold earrings highlight the creamy tint of your soft white gown.

Final note – It’s fun to choose a colored gemstone to add a bit of color to your wedding day jewelry. For instance, if you’re a December baby, brilliant blue tanzanite might be your choice for beautiful tanzanite engagement rings. Or you can match your jewelry to your wedding colors.

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